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 Designed to stretch your body and release tension both physically and mentally.  Postures and breathing techniques, to tone the body and strengthen your core, along with flowing sequences to raise the heart rate and work you that little bit harder.

Suitable for beginner’s and intermediate yoga ladies, I offer a variation of postures so that you can work to the level that will benefit you most. I believe that as we practice yoga we are all working with different levels of strength, flexibility, body shapes and past experiences. I aim to teach in a way that can be enjoyed and benefit all, Keeping you strong and supple for the future.

Understand your body, love what you can do, and work on improving your strength and flexibility. 

Contact me on tel .01227 275597  or email


‘’Since I began yoga with Liz foreman a year ago the improvements to my flexibility, strength and posture have surpassed my expectations. I have not been ae to touch my toes since I was a child and I can now do that as well as lots of other moves that are really helping to improve my overall well-being. Liz is an amazing teacher. She creates a great atmosphere, where you feel safe to push yourself and try new moves – you always feel really well supported and encouraged. Each class feels fresh ad new whilst still building on positions and routines which we have learnt at previous sessions. I can’t recommend Liz enough.’’

- Deb Goodger, Whitstable. 2010

Dear Liz, a quick note to say a big thank you for having me in your postnatal classes with baby Arthur, and then the ‘your yoga’ classes over the last 15 months. They have been a very welcome calm each week, and I’ve loved your enthusiasm, and the fun you bring to your classes. Thank you!

Love Charlotte  xx

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