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  • Liz Foreman

Liz's ABC Top Tips for Labour

Top Tips for Labour

A reminder of topics discussed, and advice given in class in class - worth talking through with your birth partner!

A. active birth, Adrenalin, ask and attention

B. breathing, body awareness, bath and birth pool

C. cuddles, cold compresses and calmness

D. dozing between contractions and distraction

E. environment and endorphins

F. freedom to do what you want- to ask questions and ask

for what you want

G. getting in tune with your body and gravity

H. help- embrace it during pregnancy and after too

(see website for support group’s), honey and hot water bottle

I. ice cubes and imagery

J. judgment … trusting yourself and your midwife

K. knowledge and Knees

L. love, laughter and lighting

M. massage, movement and music

N. noise making – how they change through labour

O. Oxycontin and opening up and allowing your baby to be born

P. positive thinking, primitive brain and pain

Q. questioning and quiet

R. relaxing, rocking, reassurance and recognizing the stages of labour

S. support, smiles and shower

T. touch and time

U. understanding what is happening to you

V. variety of positions, voice (your partner may need to be yours)

W. water and walking

X. extra recourses you have in labour

Y. you – it’s all about you - trust your own instinct

Z. zzz……………………………when you can !

Be prepared (talk everything over with your birth partner) – be open minded, trust your body and your intuition, work with it. A positive birth is about being informed, making your own decisions and feeling respected however you birth your baby. Above all remember ‘birth’ is just the beginning of life’s journey and the most important thing is that you and your baby are safe.

Three key points your partner can remind you of, and help you with during labour;

  • To breathe slowly and deeply, focusing on the out breath.

  • To relax and let tension go between contractions.

  • To use gravity as much as you can and encourage you to move and empty your bladder.