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  • Liz Foreman

Charlotte's Birth Story

Hi Liz

Here's my birth story for you!!

After a few weeks of braxton hicks and two false labour starts I was well and truly fed up!! However on Wednesday 11th January I was sent by the midwife up to Ashford hospital to see the consultant as my blood pressure was too high. So off I went I asked my sister to meet me there as I didn't think for one min I would be having a baby!! Sitting in the waiting room I was having contractions but didn't say anything as I was unsure if they were real or not!!! As my last labour was in my back which was a completely different feeling! So 6 o'clock came and the consultant took me through and scanned me as they was unsure if the position of the baby due to the weird shape bump I had!! During that time she gave me a sweep at which point she said well you are already 4 cm!! She asked me to stay at the hospital just in case, and good job I did as after that my contraction where coming thick and fast every couple of minutes. Up came my husband at 8.00 o'clock and we went round to labour ward. I was then 6 cm and the contraction were getting stronger and stronger. I went off for a walk as I couldn’t stand the monitors on me and being stuck on a bed. Well after the walk we had to rush back to labour ward as the pressure and the feeling of needing to push was so strong. I looked at the clock and it was 12.00 am Thursday morning and then pushing started I then gave birth to a baby boy called Luca at 1.22am Thursday 12th January weighing 8lb 60z. I used all the breathing techniques which really helped therefore not needing any pain relief.


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