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Breath ~ Birth ~ Beyond 

My small personal classes are open to pregnant women from around 14 weeks gestation through to full term. This is a rolling class, booked in blocks of five consecutive weeks in advance. Class content is not repeated every five weeks but continually adapted to reflect the ladies needs who are attending, a mix of yoga, birth positions, breathing techniques and top tips for labour. 

Its an hour and a half just for you and your baby as I aim to educate and spoil  you at this special time x


Tue    6-7.15pm   /    7.30 -8.45pm 

£50 for 5 consecutive classes 

Clifton road, Whitstable CT5 1DQ 

Contact me on tel. 01227 275597      

 mobile. 079 4086 6467          


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"Really enjoyed coming to your yoga classes, just wanted to say thank you for all the guidance, love and support- what you do is wonderful!"

Sally, mum of Isabella


"Thanks for all the yoga support and breathing techniques, it really made a difference in keeping me calm and focused throughout my labour, and during some of the most uncomfortable moments at the end of my pregnancy"

Faye, mum of twins Tobias and Isaac


"The birth was fantastic and the breathing and relaxation I learnt in your classes played a big part. I enjoyed the sessions so much and am hoping to get along to your postnatal class as soon as Kitty is more settled with feeding."

Julie, mum of Kitty


Jane, mum of Elinor

"I really feel the classes helped me to have a great pregnancy (I'd never felt so well!) and were a regular source of fun, relaxation, top tips and camaraderie - it was like having a 20 week antinatal course, focusing on all the positive things you can do in pregnancy and labour to help you and your baby. I think attending your classes was the single best choice I made amongst the myraid advice you're bombarded with during pregnancy to keep fit and stay relaxed. Thanks again."


Kai, expectant mother of twins

"Dear Liz, 
I just wanted to thank you hugely for all of the wonderful yoga classes over the last months. They have really helped me to get my head around what is to come- in terms of the birth, the breastfeeding and the actual becoming a Parent. Also, it's so lovely to be in a calm, quiet room with other pregnant women. I'll miss that. Thank you, Liz, for your wonderful teaching."

"The midwife told me afterwards that my breathing was excellent and that such a straightforward natural birth is rarely seen at the MLU. I have you to thank for this Liz as I am certain that the yoga helped a great deal to prepare me both physically and mentally for the experience"

Rebecca, mum of Arthur




• Connect with your changing body and growing baby, realizing what an amazing job you’re doing, learn to be kinder to yourself and appreciate that no two women are the same and neither are any two pregnancies

• By practicing yoga positions and deeper breathing regularly your body becomes familiar with working in this way and recognizes how beneficial it feels. Then when required muscle memory can take over and these learnt technique’s designed to help you in labour will flow naturally

• Learning a variety of ways to help you relax and manage anxiety can help you though pregnancy and labour, as well as long into motherhood

• Many of the concerns you have will be eased by listening and talking to other pregnant ladies who will undoubtedly be feeling the same. Many of my mums return to class with their 2nd , 3rd or 4th pregnancies and are happy to share a wealth of knowledge and experience

• Reading through birth stories, sent in by mums who have attended the class in the past will reinforce the fact that no two births are the same. Each one, be it completely natural in a birth pool in front of an open fire, or an emergency C-section is so special because it’s your experience and just the beginning of your journey as a family

• Though discussion and yoga practice come to understand what is physically happening to your body, and the effect that the influx of hormones has on both the body and brain. By understanding the body’s natural resources you can work with your body and brain to help you have a more comfortable pregnancy and effective labour

• Learn top tips for your birth partner, including massage techniques so that they can confidently help you through your pregnancy and labour

• Meeting other pregnant ladies due around the same time as you means you have the chance to make new and invaluable friends for the future. When your baby arrives it’s great to have a few friends experiencing the same joys and demands, and of course you’ll be on a similar journey through life, weaning, toddling, walking, talking, nursery groups… Secondary school!

• Keeping flexible and strong during pregnancy will help you feel better mentally and physically and aid recovery once you have had your baby.

In Labour


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