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I have taught yoga since 2006, and hold certificates of training with the Active Birth Institute, London the Victor Foundation, Kent and The Independent Yoga Association and am fully insured.

I started practicing yoga in London in 1992 at the age of 21. Having just finished university (three years on a diet of humus sandwiches and beer!) I wanted to feel healthier and more in touch with my body and mind.

Asthma meant I had never been a ‘sporty’ child or teen so I decided to give yoga a go …. The results changed my life. In time I felt that I could control my breath rather than my breath controlling me, and with that came confidence and body awareness, I started enjoying what my body could do.

As I have journeyed through life, my own practice has been informed by a variety of different styles of yoga; Hatha, Iyengar, Sivananda, Vinyasana, along with a variety of wonderful teachers, who have all come to influence my style of teaching. I was privileged to Study ‘Active Birth Pregnancy Yoga’ for three years with Janet Balaskas a pioneer of Active Birth, influencing birth education for more than three decades.

I consider it an honor to be able to help ladies through pregnancy, birth and postnatally and its always lovely to see them return with subsequent pregnancies. As life moves on, all too quickly, I have enjoyed teaching ladies though the parenting years, menopause and onward.

For four years I worked for Creative Partnerships delivering a wide range of yoga classes in libraries, nursery, primary, secondary and primary schools.

At the heart of my own style of yoga teaching is the belief that we are all working with different bodies, and physical and mental life experiences that can affect our posture, flexibility, strength and confidence. Our bodies reflect the story of our lives. By working positively with an understanding of your own body you can learn to stretch further, improve your core stability and strength, reduce tension and stress, and breathe your way to a true understanding of yourself - a healthier body and mind now and into the future.

For me yoga is non-competitive, a space to listen to myself, time to be in the moment. Yoga is soothing and healing when I needs it to be, and invigorating when I want to feel energized.

Over 30 years of personal practice I have witnessed and worked with my changing body and yoga needs. I wish to pass on a positive sense of self and encourage self-understanding and kindness, though yoga practice and in life. Keeping us mentally and physically strong into our futures.

I am now grateful to have my own studio, where I teach small, friendly classes where my clients can receive a high level of attention and tuition.

I love my job and would love to share my passion with you.

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