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 Hi, I'm delighted to say I'm back teaching -

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Pebble Beach
Pregnant women sitting on mats touching their bumps


Active Birth

A friendly class that aims to help you meet the challenges and transformations of pregnancy and birth with confidence and a smile. Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise during pregnancy, a gentle, safe means of keeping toned and supple without strain, of keeping aches and pains at bay and energy flowing, of relaxing mind and body, and preparing for the physical demands of birth – and motherhood itself. Classic postures and movements which integrate the flow of the breath have been adapted to meet the need of the pregnant woman.
The poses and breathing techniques can assist you during your labour, relieve common ailments associated with pregnancy and provide an opportunity to meet other expectant mothers in a small class with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Most importantly you will feel supported however you wish to birth your baby.



Yoga for mums with their babies

A small and personal yoga class that allows you to start to reconnect with your body, stretch out and find your inner strength again. However you birthed your baby, it will take time for you to feel like ‘you’ again and this class offers you gentle exercise in a baby friendly environment along with other ladies who, like you may not have had a full night’s sleep!



Understand your body and love what you can do

Suitable for beginner’s and intermediate yoga ladies, I offer a variation of postures in the class so that you can work to the level that will benefit you most. I believe that as we practice yoga we are all working with different levels of strength, flexibility, body shapes and past experiences, I aim to teach in a way that can be enjoyed and benefit all, Keeping you strong and supple for the future. Understand your body, love what you can do, and work on improving your strength and flexibility, in a small, ladies only, friendly class – come and try it out!



Yoga tuition designed to suit your needs

I offer 1 to 1 and private group tuition designed around your needs and interests. All enquiries welcome.

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